Wild Blue Lager

Today’s Mistake: Wild Blue Lager, the blueberry lager you didn’t ask for.

wild blue

8% alcohol by volume

12 ounce bottle

Price: $2.49

ABQ: 38.55

Any guesses as to who’s behind Wild Blue? I’ll give you a hint: their tagline is “The Radical Premium Lager.” That’s right! It’s an Anheuser-Busch product, although you’ll find not one mention of it on the bottle. How can you knowingly release something and refuse to put your name on it? Is it because you know the product is shit? Or perhaps because your name is synonymous with mediocrity? Both? It’s both! Even that ridiculous blue dog knows the stuff inside is dogshit: he’s actually kicking a blueberry behind him, much like a dog would after taking a huge Anheuser on your front lawn. The whole situation makes me uncomfortable. I’ve actually had several Wild Blues in my day, and I’m always impressed by the ABV. It does not taste anything like 8%, and yet, I’m often a bit dizzy after just one (whether that’s because of the alcohol or the dog’s blueberries, who knows).


Dark, deep purple, bordering on red. It looks suspiciously like prune juice.


There’s a reason nobody drinks “blueberry juice.” It’s not very good. Wild Blue takes that “not very good” idea and runs with it; the results are disastrous. This may be the most foul fruit beer in existence. It doesn’t taste like booze, and thank the heavens it doesn’t.


Slightly carbonated, just enough to contribute to your heartburn the next day.


That dog is definitely on the sex offender registry in at least one state.


I imagine it’s quite a good deal in a six-pack. As a single bottle, it’s merely okay.

Final Verdict

It’s terrible! One of the most disgusting beers you’re ever likely to encounter. 1 out of a possible 5.