Tiger Beer

Today’s Mistake: Tiger Beer, straight outta Singapore.

tiger beer

5% alcohol by volume

11.2 ounce bottle

Price: $2.59

ABQ: 21.62

tiger beer

What is “Tiger Beer?”

Nah, it’s not that bad! I’m joking. Sort of. Tiger Beer is a delightful specimen, further proof that macro lagers are largely the same no matter where they’re made. No country on earth is safe from ridicule, not even our stalwart amigos in Singapore, a country where nearly everything I do on a daily basis is illegal. I remember hearing, as a child, that you could be caned for spitting gum out in the street. Such was the severity of their law. I guess they’ve softened in the decade since, but I’m still not going there anytime soon. I think they’d be offended by my conduct. In fact, most people are.


It’s really damn yellow. Radioactive yellow.


Like a mix of shitty pilsner and corn beer. So bland.


Mountain Dew.


That’s a regal tiger up there. No doubt. But enough with this 11.2 ounce bullshit. Either make it to 12 or get out of my country. #UNCLESLAM


That’s a piss poor ABQ. Avoid Tiger Beer, there are bargains elsewhere.

Final Verdict

I hope I make it to Singapore someday. Strikes me as a fascinating country. I just hope they never read this review. Tiger Beer SUCKS. 1 out of a possible 5.