Yuengling Lord Chesterfield

Today’s Mistake: Yuengling Lord Chesterfield. Better known as a “Chesty.”

lord chesterfield

5.4% alcohol by volume

12 ounce can

Price: $17.99 (24-pack)

ABQ: 48.72

I’m full of shit of course. Nobody in the history of recorded time has ever called a Lord Chesterfield a “Chesty.” That’s not to say that it shouldn’t catch on. I apologize for the week between TDB posts, but I’ve been relocating to a new HQ, and my output suffered greatly. Drinking didn’t take a backseat, but this website sure did. Moving is a pain in the ass, that’s for sure, but I really enjoy building furniture. I took apart all of my crap and built it all back in one night, fueled entirely by Chesties. A quick story about The Lord: Here in Philly, we have an annual Beer Week, and one of the highlights is the “Opening Tap,” a debauched three-hour event to kick off a week of gluttony and hedonism. Last year, as in years past, Yuengling had their own booth, close to PA craft stalwarts like Victory, Weyerbacher, and Nodding Head, and guess what they were passing out? Yep, Chesties. I guess this means they consider Lord Chesterfield their best beer. Is it true? Let’s find out.


Light gold, nothing surprising.


5.4% is just about the strongest thing Yuengling makes, save for their Oktoberfest, so I was expecting serious flavor. I got nothing like it. Tastes like a regular Yuengling lager but with some added crispiness.


Thick and sudsy, heavier than the average ‘Ling.


Lord Chesterfield is a handsome lad, no doubt, but the green on this can is unsettling. I feel like it’s watching me sleep.


17 bucks for 24 beers is right on, especially for strong Yuengling. A fine bargain.

Final Verdict

It’s decent. I’d rather go with Black & Tan, but it’ll help you build some furniture, that’s for sure. 3 out of a possible 5.