Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy

Today’s Mistake: Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy. Like orange juice, but without the happiness.

kugel's shandy

4.2% alcohol by volume

12 ounce bottle

Price: 2.19

ABQ: 23.01

With nice weather comes a deluge of horrendously misguided “shandies” and violently sweet fruit beers, closer in spirit (and ABV) to soft drinks than anything resembling a decent brew. Irritating though they may be, I’m always amused by the atrocities breweries like Leinenkugel’s are able to come up with. There are few breweries on earth as inventive as Leinenkugel’s, even if that inventiveness is channeled entirely into finding new ways to embarrass fat white people. This orange shandy you see above is not a “new” thing; lemon and orange shandies have been around forever, but nobody will ever drink one outside of the warmer months. As such, I tend to forget they exist until April, when I write about them passive-aggressively and bitch incessantly about nothing in particular. Ah, the turning of the seasons!


I hate using this word to describe beer, but I’m using it: rusty. Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy looks like rusty water.


This beer is a dead-ringer for Tropicana orange juice. It doesn’t quite taste like OJ, but it smells exactly like a glass of it. It’s sweet, but kudos to Leinenkugel’s for not adding that 63rd gram of sugar. What restraint.


I’ll say this: on a really hot day, a blisteringly cold orange shandy wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. It’s full-bodied experience, despite the low ABV.


There’s always too much shit on these Leinenkugel’s bottles. It looks like the inside of a TGI Friday’s.


Actually, I’ve noticed that they’re toning it down in TGI Fridays, which is admirable. Not that I’ve been inside a TGI Friday’s in years. I swear. And this beer is too expensive.

Final Verdict

Like I said, you could do worse on a hot day. Too costly to be more than an occasional thing, but I don’t hate it. 3 out of a possible 5.