Yuengling Light

Today’s Mistake: Yuengling Light. Schuylkill Punch!

yuengling light

3.2% alcohol by volume

12 ounce bottle

Price: $1.29

ABQ: 29.76

As a lifelong Philadelphian, there are certain things I hold close, no matter how shitty they are: The Philadelphia Eagles, Rocky IV, Dirty Frank’s. The list is endless, as is my adoration. Yuengling, not far away in Pottsville, is certainly on that list, even though their beer is usually basic and uninspiring. It’s a brewery I feel a deep, unwavering love for, and I’m always quick to defend their beer, even if I don’t really like any of them all that much. Aside from the stoic beauty that is a Black & Tan, I’d never go out of my way to buy a Yuengling, as there is nearly always a better choice. I’d especially never order a Yuengling Light, a beer that takes basic and uninspiring to new, unprecedented territory. I suppose I needed to review it, especially after that terrifying stretch of national light beers.


Nothing to see here. The palest yellow you’re ever likely to see.


How much flavor can you pack into a 3.2% beer? Probably a lot more than Yuengling managed. This is like a carbonated Vitamin Water.


The word “chuggable” comes to mind. Is that not a word? It is now.




I don’t know how much it costs outside of the Delaware Valley, but it’s dirt cheap here, and that’s the way I like it.

Final Verdict

My regional bias is strong. 3 out of a possible 5.