Bud Light Platinum

Today’s Mistake: Bud Light Platinum. The world’s strongest light beer. Probably.

bl NUM

6% alcohol by volume

12 fluid ounce bottle

$8.99 (sixer)

ABQ: 48.32

BL Platinum has been out for more than a year now, and honestly, I think it’s ABInBev’s second greatest accomplishment. The first? That stupid corporate merger name that’s impossible to get right. Let’s go ahead and coronate the genius who decided to supercharge the world’s lamest light beer. 6% is fairly tame by most beer standards, but when you’re crushing ten or eleven in one setting? That shit’s like jet fuel for stupid people. Anyway, I do like the stuff: it’s inoffensive, strong, and well-packaged. Say what you will about the liquid inside, the bottles are badass. These are the kind of bottles that pop. It’s also a beer that’s caught on with Twitter stars and other hashtag maniacs, thanks to the (admittedly awesome) “BL ‘Num” nickname. As much as I like theĀ idea of BL Platinum, picking up a sixer rarely seems like a prudent decision. For nine or ten bucks, there are about seven hundred beers I’d rather have, and none of them have “Light” in their name.


It doesn’t look any stronger than vanilla Bud Light, and frankly, that pisses me off. I want my BL Platinum to look as cool as it sounds.


Lethally smooth and utterly flavorless. Like I said before, it’s impressive how much booze they cram in here without adding any flavor. That’s serious beer engineering.


About average for an adjunct, which is to say that it feels not unlike soda, but without that sharp carbonation. It’s a bit dull, look a good light beer should be. Still, it has more crack than other light adjuncts.


The blue frosted bottles are badass. No way around it. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen BL Platinum in a can, and as far as I can tell, they’re produced in bottles only. Not cool AB, not cool.


You’d think they added some boutique hop variety or bizarre ingredient. The price would certainly reflect that. But no, it’s just a more expensive, more alcoholic Bud Light, and I’m not thrilled to be paying a premium for that.

Final Verdict

You’re either with it or against it. Perfectly fine when you’re tailgating or drinking in public, but not that useful otherwise. 2 out of a possible 5.